Catering with Local Food

Using foods grown or raised on local farms -- and crafted by local artisans and producers -- is a hot topic in the culinary world. It has spread throughout popular culture and it seems like everyone from the finest of fine dining restaurants to fast food joints are striving to "buy local". This is a wonderful step in the right direction for American food culture, and a philosophy that we have always embraced. 



Here's a sample of where we get food from locally.

Best available . . . in New England

In New England we are always at the mercy of the growing season, and our winter menus would be less varied and difficult to sell if we used strictly local product. Forklift states that we use locally sourced product "whenever possible". This is not a cop out-- we are absolutely committed to using the freshest and best products we can find. Here in Massachusetts that's most often what's  grown or produced close to home.  For Forklift it's right outside our commissary doors;  Saturdays at the Union Square Farmers Market in Somerville, MA.

Meats, Seafood and Dairy


Coffee, Sweets and Bread

Bar, Rentals and more