Brian McDermott

Executive Sous Chef

Brian McDermott - Executive Sous Chef - Forklift Catering

As an undergraduate at Providence College, Brian quickly realized that the time he spent creating dinners for his friends and roommates would prove to be a more prudent use of his time than the English, Theater, and Film Studies degree he was pursuing. Upon graduation, Brian was drawn to restaurants and a day spent observing in the kitchen at Barbara Lynch’s acclaimed No. 9 Park cemented that he should attend Culinary School and give food his full attention.

After completing the Professional Chef’s Program at The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, Brian spent the better part of the next decade working on the retail side of culinary operations as a Chef and Team Leader for Whole Foods Market and in Culinary Operations at Newton-Wellesley Hospital.

In an effort to connect more to the creative and inspired cooking he aspired to create as a chef, Brian was drawn to Forklift Catering in the Spring of 2019, and assumed the role of Purchaser. Brian is wowed daily by the delicious creations produced by Forklift’s amazing team of Chefs and is honored to be able to hone his craft alongside them. Brian spends most of his time away from the kitchen with his wife, Melissa, and two children, Colin and Nora, exploring the outdoors, playing and making each other laugh.