Liz Garvey

Executive Chef

Liz Garvey - Executive Chef - Forklift Catering

Liz grew up outside of Philadelphia, food obsessed from the day her sister came home from her junior high home economics class and made tacos for dinner. She was fascinated by the energy in her parents’ kitchen during their Gourmet Dinner Club parties in the seventies, wide-eyed one night by the resourcefulness of a guest who used the kitchen sink to mix her salad.

After graduating with a super useful degree in painting from Connecticut College, Liz arrived in Boston. Following brief stints at the MFA and Boston Design Center, she worked her way, both front and back of the house, through various restaurants and catering concerns, learning all aspects of the food business, before landing at Forklift in 2013.

Liz’s passion for cooking borders on obsession and her love of creating beautifully presented food has earned her the title Wabi Sabi Activist, by her fantastic, unparalleled team in the Forklift kitchen. When not at Forklift, Liz can be found sailing Buzzards Bay with her husband and kids, entertaining friends and family at their home in Mattapoisett, or in her hammock there, poring over cookbooks with a pour of wine.